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About Septic Systems

Households that are not serviced by public sewage systems depend heavily on septic systems in order to treat and dispose of household wastewater. Septic systems represent a big investment to a homeowner. A well constructed, properly installed, and properly maintained septic system will offer many years of reliable service. If neglected, however, septic issues can quickly become an enormous financial burden and inconvenience.

Some people fail to recognize the importance of regular septic system operation. Even if regular service has been periodically carried out before, the septic lines can get blocked or damaged during heavy rain storms. Drainage clogs may result in overflowing sewage. Other problems that can occur include odors, overflows and drainage issues. If these things are not attended to promptly, they can quickly become very challenging to resolve.

The most important component of a septic system is a sump pit, which is made up of a combination of concrete and other materials. The top area of the pit is sloped to a drainage field. A gravity drain pump is connected. The pump sends treated sewage into the drain field, where it is filtered, gravity fed, and directed to the absorption field.

In septic system operation, two primary components, drain pipes and lift pipes, are employed. Drain pipes, which are long horizontally, run from the surface to the drainfield. They generally fall over the top of vegetation. Lift pipes, which are straight, run from the drainfield to the soil.

The tank stores large quantities of treated effluent. The storage tank has provisions for the discharge of large amounts of untreated effluent back into the soil.

Properly working septic systems ensure the safety of the residents and the prevention of damage to property. Regular monitoring of these systems is important so that conditions can be addressed if they occur. When problems occur, they can be repaired or a professional service can add the right chemicals to the tank to resolve the problem.

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